Monday, April 27, 2009

Cousins.....And new things

What a weekend. I was with my cousins on Saturday and Sunday night which was fabulous, great conversation and great food. I will blog more about my cousins one day, as I only met them all last November 2008. It's a such a long story, and something that could be made into a novel, maybe even a motion picture one day. MMMMM who would play me? Anyway to make a very long story short, my mum after 58yrs found out she was adopted. She found out that who she thought was her mother, (my nanna), was actually her aunt. Who she thought was her aunt, was actually her mother. Who she thought were her cousins, who she never saw, are actually her sisters. Who she thought was her sister all her life, was really her 2nd cousin. Sound confusing YES YES YES. See what I mean I would need to right about it slowly and clearly. Anyway it has been the most phenomenal experience, as I now have 6 amazing first cousins who are all of similar age to me who are all brilliant. A couple of them I look just like, and 2 in which I feel are, & will end up being more like sisters. It sounds really corny, but I kind of feel a gap has been filled in my life, even thought prior to this I was unaware of it needing to be filled.
Life is great....This cute 'Dandy Cat' sums up my mood. I found him at Marjji's Esty store.

On top of a great weekend I found some time to finally photograph some new items to post about. My geometric bib, where Hudson has kindly modelled for me, and a matching nappy compact. I have had a good response to this design, I sold one of each at the sisters market the other week. I hope that's a sign of more to sell. Check out my Esty store to read more about them.

Better go an rug up, if you live in Melbourne you know what I mean. A cold snap has hit us and it's freezing.
Ky x

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Jodie said...

Can't wait to hear more on this story! I am loving that mint floral fabric your using in the nappy compacts.