Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's sale time at Tiges and Weince time to clear out some surplus stock so I can fund some new stock. Quite a while a go I made some children's canvas's to sell, and believe me I have made so many more. They have been perfect for kids 1st birthday presents that I have either given, or others have asked me to make for them. All of my applied designs are made of felt, most of the time handstiched together and then securely glued to a cotton stretched canvas, that I have either painted or applied some other medium too. Well it's time to say goodbye to a few old friends, as I know they will look a lot better in someones bedroom than left sitting in my studio packaged up in canvas. They were originally $49.95, but with 25% are now USD$22.75 (AUD$37.50) there is a choice of 4 left. I haven't discounted the canvas's on line yet, but should you order I can either refund the difference or send you a fund request though PayPal, your choice!

Also make sure you head across to Kookie for the latest giveaway from Felt Food Creations. They are the most adorable stuffed food items. What a fabulous concept, I think this is the most ideal ways to introduce good food into your child's life before they are brain washed with Macca's and other foods alike. Great products, especially the coffee scroll MMMMMMMM!!!!!
Have a great night
Ky x

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