Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting on the Wednesday Wish List Band Wagon

I have read enough of everyone else Wednesday wish list & decided to start expressing my wishes. I hope you other Wednesday wishes don't mind?

My wish is simple......I would love my back garden finished. I have posted earlier on the beginnings of the master piece in work, and slow progressive stages are being achieved. My main objective was making sure Hudson had a play area for swings and slide, as well as a sand pit. I can proudly say they are complete, and I have had several amazing days outside with Hudson watching him explore the feeling or bark, which I assume didn't taste so great with him spitting it out so quickly, and also the feeling of squish sand between his toes.

Here is Hudson playing in his first outdoor play station. A great inheritance from my sister in law Peta.Here is his play area covered with soft fall bark, his 1st Tonka truck, and to the left the sandpit which has been covered with a silver tarp to stop birds and potential my dog doing hi business there.What is so important about this garden bed you ask? Well it's my very first attempt as growing vegetables. I am having a go without high expectations but will be thrilled when I can pick my first crop. I have down there baby carrots, spinach, beetroot, baby broccoli & cauliflower, garlic, spring onions and a strawberry plant. I am so excited I have even potted herbs, a lime tree and passion fruit tree. MMMMMMM fresh food hopefully for the picking.

Oh this is the view from my back door. Ahhh it will be lovely when it's all completed.

Ky x

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Giggleberry (Amy) said...

You've got me hooked! Please keep posting progress pics of your yard!!