Monday, March 18, 2013

New Updated Pattern - Garden Party

Monday is here already & my weekend was a shocker. I finally caught my kids sniffles, & it hit me like a tonne of bricks. There is nothing I dislike more that being down and out with a cold, not just for the obvious reason that I feel like crap, but I am a rather productive person & hate to sit around doing nothing. Yesterday I had a golden opportunity to work on a few personal projects that have been in the "pending" basket. Hubby was at golf & my parents to the kids to Scienceworks. Instead of me revelling in the 'aloneness', I was on the couch, sleeping. So frustrating!!

Anyway today I am feeling a little better, but with kids to collect & look after, there really is no opportunity to be feeling sorry for myself.

One super exciting project I did manage to get done was a new design repeat. I have been playing around with these a lot, as part of my new online course I am doing. I am working on building up my portfolio so I can look into some streams of work I have been passion about for a long time.....actually forever. I will fill you in on that tomorrow.

But here is my new print collection. The print is based on my Garden Party cushion. I have already completed a version of this but when I looked at it gain I wasn't happy with it. So here I have fixed it up.

Here is my NEW sketch.

Here it is in a dreamy repeat hopefully one day to end up on fabric.

Besides the obvious choice to be used on a quilts, I thought it would love in a little girls dress too?
What do you think?

I am playing around with lots of coordinates, which I will share also when I get them complete.

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