Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Autumn Love

Today I am dreaming of my favourite season of the year Autumn.
I have always been in love with the colours, the warmth of it, and have always adored the way the leaves change colour. There is something about it I find so comforting. I love the tail end of summer, the stinging heat has past, and the air feels cooler, even though the sun seems to still shine just as bright.

How beautiful are the images above?
The colours are so warm and rich, the shapes of the leaves, the feeling it gives me, and the mood is so comforting. I am feeling quite inspired by them and thinking about what I could create in such a lovely colour palette.

I am not really a cat person, but that little kitty on those amazing leaves is just the cutest, and looks just divine.

Although it's officially Autumn here is Australia,  if you live in Melbourne like me, I have to say it has been anything like the 'traditional Autumn', you would expect to be having. After 10 days of searing temperatures around 35 degrees, then a shock wave of 2 days of winter like temperatures of 20 degrees,  and today, we re back again to 30 degrees.  It's CRAZY!!

What can you do? Smile and carry on!

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