Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A GREAT long weekend

So how was your long weekend?

Mine was great.

Saturday I had a blast! With the weather so damn stinking hot, I thought I would have friends over and a BBQ, it was just what I needed. Lots of rest, fun, and relaxation. I invited one of the gorgeous ladies I have met through kinder over, (as she lives up the road), her husband and 3 adorable kids. My sister in law also popped over with her husband and 2 kids, so needless to say it was a full house. It was such a great feeling having a full house, the kids were laughing, squealing and running a muck, and I was sitting, chatting and letting the gin and tonic flow freely! We ate, and ate some more, and I made one of my favourite deserts, Pavlova. YUM!! YUM!! YUM!!

Sunday was certainly a recovery day. We all got to bed very late, especially late for my kids 10pm! Charlotte was out like a light when her head hit the pillow, and Hudson took a little longer to wind down. So the four of us all just hung out but first we had to go to Harvey Norman to return a SD can that was not formatting correctly in my camera. While we were there we thought we would check out some beds, as Charlotte will be need one sooner rather than later. Eeeek the kids were climbing in them, literally testing them out. Is that allowed? I guess so as the sales assistant came over her was fine with it, and maybe cursing us as we left...oops!

As it was so stinking hot, we ran into JB Hifi and let the kids pick a new movie/cartoon to relax and watch. Their choices (below), are becoming too predictable, oh well it guaranteed some peace and quiet for the afternoon!

Monday was a working day for me. Normally Hudson is in kinder, and Charlotte occasional care, and that's when I work like a mad woman at home. Cramming a weeks work into 5hrs. But today Daniel was home so he watched them and I worked away. I caught up on some mundane things, I have started an new online course to help me set up an online folio, more about that later, and I started planning some mother's day items for Quirky and Quaint.

The rest of that day included some swimming.

And lastly my mum and dad came over for dinner. I made a tray of lasagna and we sat outside with a drink and chatted for ages. It was really good as I hadn't seen dad for a couple for weeks. Dad play cricket with Hudson, which seems to be his latest passion, and Charlotte tried to get involved, which really bugged her brother!

Overall a really great weekend, no complaints ere this morning.
I hope your weekend was a lovely as mine.

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