Thursday, March 7, 2013

Display your Instagram photos on your blog

I have been meaning to finish this little job for ages...Adding my Instagram feed to my blog. I am not very tech savvy when it comes to plug in, & my world relies solely on google on how to do anything. I sometimes wonder, if I was ever in trouble, surely I would be OK as long as I could google my way out of anything? Right? was a simple little process I thought I would share just in case it's one of those jobs you haven't completed yet either. I guess I have just saved you some time.

I used SnapWidget

Filled out this

When I hit get code, which looks like this I copied it.

Then went to my blogger layout & went to add a gadget.

 I selected this option below

I then pasted it in here

I hit save & voila.....done. 

I know this may be something so obvious to most tech savvy people, but personally I love a good idiot proof tutorial haha!!

Have a great day,

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