Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I am pinning - decor that hangs

Have a look at these beautiful decorations that hang delicately to adorn your special space. All found of course on Pinterest.

1. How lovely is the paper bunting, it almost look like text book, or pages from a novel. 
2. These look so soft and pretty. Being placed in front of a mirror is so effective, there looks to be so many more of them.
3. The paper tress, they look like so much fun. Imagine those at birthday parties, even created in Christmas colours. 
4. The birds are perfect. Whoever made those is beyond talented.
5. These little cones so cure are't they? Perfect for parties & wouldn't they make perfect lolly bags for leaving guests?

All references for images can be found via my decorations board. There is a link to each selection.

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