Monday, November 19, 2012

My Christmas time management & working with my kids

I am feeling like a machine at the moment, I am certainly on auto pilot, but that's to be expected considering the time of year it is.

Below is literally what this last 2 weeks has been like & I will admit I have been finding it hard to fit it all in. I love my work, & always have the crazy attitude, "where there's a will there's a way". Regardless of attitude there is no negotiation, I need to get my stockings & cushions & other odds & bobs ordered made in time for my customers.

I have had a few people ask me, & say to me constantly, I don't know how you do it. Well here it goes, for the moment anyway......I have been getting up at about 5.30/6 am, generally closer to 6 am, even 6.15, but hey at least my intentions are there for a 5:30am rise. I have about an hour before the kids wake, on a good day an hour and a half. During this time it's beautiful, quiet, & peaceful & just me and my cup of coffee. This is when I answer my emails, write my emails, write my to do list for the day, as I find I am clearer & more logical at this time of the morning. I check Facebook, my blog, and any other addictive social media I can't live without. In saying that it's a quick few minute look over, that's it. I have had to become strict or I could waste hours looking around. I know I am not the only one haha. Once that's done I start my work.

When the kids are up it's all about them, & we eat our breakfast together, talk about what we are doing for the day, then it's time to get dressed, & off we go depending on whats on. It is usually my gym twice a week, kinder, errands & dancing for Charlotte. If we are home & the suns out, outside they go.

It looks like I work quite a lot during the day, but I actually don't. I just can't as I am constantly interrupted by both of the kids. I find it so worth while to work in pockets of time during the day. That being if the kids are outside, & I can see them from my office I will most likely get 30mins to an hours worth done. Sometimes it could be 20 minutes while they are eating their lunch, or when they are colouring or playing with their toys. Mind you while they are doing that I am also always doing loads of washing or other household chores. Working within your precious pockets of time can be so incredibly valuable if you use it wisely. Don't sit on Facebook, or twitter, or start ooohing & ahhhing at Pinterest. Do some solid work, answer some emails, write that letter, sew that small order, pack a couple of orders, send some invoices out. You will be amazed how much more you can actually do, & reduce your workload by the end of the day.

By the time the kids are bathed & dinners been eaten, its time for their bed. This is very routine at my house, they both have some milk before bed & we then read a book. After that I may sit & unwind for half an hour, chat with hubby & then I am into it. I used to stay up to all hours of the night, but wont allow myself to do that anymore. lack of sleeps results in a snitchy mummy. Midnight is my limit & lights out.

It's been a very full on routine at the moment & I will admit I am looking forward to it slowing down. I am also at the same time very grateful for all of the orders I am receiving as it keeps me dream alive & home with the kids.

I hope that some of my hints help you out & thanks to those who asked me to write something.

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