Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Stocking Winner

Thanks so much for those who entered my 2 large Christmas stocking giveaway.
I decided to ask a question, "what is your favourite thing about Christmas", instead of a generic number draw, it just felt more personal.

Anyway the winner is.....

Here is her answer;

I loved this answer, it made me smile immediately as I am in that place at the moment with my kids. Especially Hudson, as he completely understands. Not that's he is terrible but when he is getting bratty, or forgets his manners, the constant reminder that Santa is watching, & if he isn't happy with his behaviour, Santa just might not bring his presents on his wish list. Not so much Charlotte at this stage, she is a little too young still. 

Crystal can you contact me & let me know which designs & names you would like. Thanks & congratulations.

Gotta love it, have a great day everyone.


His Aspie Ways said...

Congratulations Crystal - great answer! Thanks Kylie for a lovely competition :)

CrystalB said...

Thanks Kylie! I've been giving the 'Santa is watching' line a workout too! I'll email you now! Thanks again!