Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thoughts about 2013

Time is passing incredibly quickly at the moment, between juggling the Christmas rush, & the kids activities, is making my days just zoom by.

It has got me thinking of my business, about what I plan to do with myself next year.
My goals.
My ideas.
My business model. 
How will I change & freshen it up.
What new things will I create. 
What look or trend will I be inspired by.

I have grown so much this year, I feel the need to sit back & have a look at where everything is going. Thinking about it all makes me so excited. I love the ida of reinventing a product, making it better than before. Initially I find this process daunting, & suffer from almost stage fright. Over the next few weeks it's time to start drawing from inspiration I have found throughout the year. Think about my colours & start creating some mood boards. Giving base to some solid story collections. Doing this will keep me on track. I have to think about 2 ranges, one for Tiges and Weince, and the other for Quirky and Quaint. I know next year I want to separate them a fraction, so they have their own look. How I will do it I am not sure yet, but it will be part of my exciting journey.

Have you been thinking about what, where, & how you will plan 2013. I know one thing for sure this year I will be making far more use of my monthly calendars  I will make sure the squares are large & pinning it up on my wall so I can plan & project through out the year. I didn't do it this year very well, & suffered a bit for it at times.

While I think & jot down my goals I look forward to sharing them.

In the meantime I was so completely inspired about the delicious colour palette of these shoes. I know they are completely irrelevant, as this is summer, I am needing to think about winter 2013.
regardless, I was so inspired I bought them.

It's important my feet are happy.

Have a great day,

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Fiona said...

My conversations with other "market folk" this year suggest lots of us are taking a long hard look at what we do and how we do it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!