Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY Project - Revamping old cork boards to hang kids artwork

I am not a huge DIYer, I am a total fan, I am an absolute wanna be DIYer & have a long list of tasks I eventually would like to have a go at. I popped some time aside last weekend to have a go at something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have had some large cork boards and thought they would be great to use to hand the kids artwork. Having a 4yr old and 2yr old you can imagine a fair bit of artwork comes through this house.

This is what I completed (above), & below is my step my step (below), on how I got there. Be warned, this is basic stuff for the professional DIYer, but for me an accomplishment that I actual started & completed something.

Step 1 - My cork boards, 2 of them which will be one for each of the kids.
Step 2 - I covered the board with some junk mail to protect the cork from the paint. Mind you, I should have used masking tape, but didn't have any, so improvisation was a necessity. 
Step 3 - Colour selections of red & green. A lot of basic bold primary colours are used in the kids playroom, catering for both boys & girls tastes.

Step 4 - I painted a coat of white paint first to make sure the colours looked bright & bold. This was just in case the colour of the wood altered the colours of the final result. Oh I am also using Hudson's Spider Man gumboots as paperweights!!
Step 5 - Paint on the colour. I did one nice thick layer of each colour as it was a warm day & new it would only take a couple of hours to dry completely.

Step 6 -  I mentioned these boards were old. As you can see they are a bit bowed around the frame, so hubby bought some hanging wire for me, which was attached with a staple gun on each side & pulled tight to bring the shape back together. Also it was now ready for hanging. 
Step 7 - Hang them. I always use command hanging strips so if I make a boo boo it can be fixed.

I hung them up above the kids couch, & popped the number wall decals in between them, just to create some space & add some interested. I think by the looks on their faces they like them.

Lastly the most important component.....their artwork. Hudson's board is the green board & Charlotte's is the red board.

As I said it was a very simple task which didn't coast me a cent really except the hanging wire. I used the kids water based poster paints, to pain them & that's it. There is definitely a lot of satisfaction for me doing this, as I think about things I want to complete all the time but never get around to doing it.

Now that I have accomplished this, it has got me thinking what I can do next?????

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Maisy Dee said...

Looks great well done x