Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday - creative space

Saturday's are very productive for me, I take advantage of my husband being home & I get all of those jobs that need to be done. I am talking work wise, not the house:) 

Today I am cutting, I have printed off all of my pending orders & now cutting the coordinating back panels. I only have a little space so I feel a little squishy, & sometimes find myself dreaming about the work space I would rather have. That being floor to ceiling windows, so I have an abundance of natural light, large walls spaces for hanging loads of inspirational images, and of course lots of storage space...heaven!!  

Here are the main fabrics I use constantly on the backs of all of my products, all purchased on large rolls. As you can see it's even a bit squish for them too :)

I better get back to cutting, the sooner I finish the soon I can have some family time.

Have a great weekend.

Kylie xx

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