Monday, August 6, 2012

Designing Quilts

I am leaping into unknown waters here. I absolutely adore quilts, I have never made one, I wanted to but have never got around to it. In my quest to create I met a lady who has a quilting business and has agreed to make them for me.

As I want to sell them in my range they need to be perfect, nothing less, so it was best I gained the expertise of somebody else.

With so much excitement, I searched & bought my fabrics from Macs Craft. I am going to start of with 2 combinations, one for the boys and one for the girls. Can I tell you the hours I spent thinking & flicking from one supplier to another. It was very stressful having to actually invest in something, and commit hopefully making the right fabric choices. It took me 2 days, and when I know I have to be sure, I let it go for the day & re-look at it the next day with a fresher perspective.

I didn't want to make just any quilt I had to make sure my cushion designs were incorporated. I sell so many of them, and get asked so many times do I create quilts. Hence my journey in trying to create these. With a lot of chatting back and forth with my quilting genius, she has come up with the right amount of squares, to accommodate any 3 of my A4 sized designs. I have tried really hard to accommodate most of my current designs with quilting fabrics to blend. Most of my designs always consist of the similar colour palette, so fingers crossed all will blend perfectly.

The first girls sample before being sewn obviously, with all of the actual fabrics.

Here are the boys colours & designs.

I am assuming all will go well as here is my very first sample I had my quilter make. I used fabrics that I bought ages ago with intentions of making Charlotte a quilt one day. I just wanted to check that my panels work well aesthetically. I also wanted to make sure they wash well, which I can confirm the did, on a gently cold water machine cycle.

I am really excited and can not wait to share the final result, which should be here within the next day or two. 

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