Monday, April 12, 2010

Sesame Street - The Other Doona Cover

I mentioned a few weeks ago, here, that I had to make some double bed doona covers for Hudson's king single bed.
Which mind you he still gets out of, so I am still stuck sitting with him until he drops off to sleep AHHHH!!
He has a love for Sesame Street, which I don't mind as I grew up watching it, and admit to loving it still. So I bought the fabric, and whipped up the doona cover.
Here it is....

I am happy with it but not as thrilled as he is. Hubby had trouble getting him to sleep
last night as he kept jumping on the cover saying Elmo, Cookie, Bird, popping his matching
soft toys on the appropriate circles.
Hopefully his lunch nap will be more low key and successful today!

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