Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some New Prints

Wednesday's are by far my favourite day of the week, work wise.
Hudson has one day in child care so I can stay in and work. It's a fully planned day to get as much done as I can. It generally consists of making new product, getting orders ready,
building up stock for pending market's, and taking photo's.
I managed to take a lot of photo's yesterday as the sun was out, so the house was reasonably light. Even though the lightness of each photo, is slowly reflecting our very long summer is really going. I have had a stack of prints I drew a long time ago, I have been meaning to photograph and get uploaded into my shop. I just hadn't found time, or something else had come up, or that the natural daylight was too dark indoors, so getting a good photo was hard.
Below are three of the many photo's taken.

Flower Bomb Print

Alphabet Girls

Alphabet Boys

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