Sunday, April 18, 2010

#3 Complete From My List Of 10 Things To Do Before Baby Comes.

I have completed #3 from my list of 10 things to do before baby comes.
I put together and posted my list about a month ago, and to be honest it's not going so well,
but I won't give up!
Number 3 was to take Hudson to the Melbourne Aquarium - check.
It was a good day, however it didn't meet my high expectations though.
The penguin enclosure was great, they really are very cute birds.
The river category I thought was blah...Very dark and quite uninspiring, and I guess I am not that interested in eel's, cod, and frogs.
The area I was looking forward to most, the shark pool, was a let down, I expected something different. There was a total of 2 sharks to be seen which didn't make me ooh and ahh from their fierceness and sheer size. As scared as I am of them, I am fascinated and intrigued, as I love watching their sleekness in the water.
Below is my favourite photo of the day. Hudson was mesmerised by the stingrays. They were huge!! It always looks like they're smiling at you from underneath, which gives a real cuteness to them. I told him they were smiling at him, so each time they went over him we would all say 'hi stingray'.
His excited reaction to them, as all parents would know, is usually the most enjoyable part of any day out. Their smiles, sounds of enjoyment, and mounds of energy when something is interesting to them is priceless to watch.

I won't be rushing back in a hurry, but I am also very glad I made the journey there.

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