Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Dad's 60th Birthday is comming

It's that time of year for me again. Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!!
There is a special one this year in particular - my dad's 60th.
I am really excited as I believe it's such a fantastic milestone. I am having his party at my house as I have lots of space. My dilemma is....What do I buy him?
I have brainstormed this over and over alone and with everyone and anyone. Everytime somebody gives me a suggestion he either has it or has done it. One thing suggestion that has stuck in my mind, 'an experience'. So I jumped on Red Balloon this morning and came across a scenic flight in a Tiger Moth Plane. This is the plane below, I think this could be perfect anything with some history behind it dad loves. I started to giggle at considering buying him this, as maybe he could be 'Biggles" for the day.

What do you think? I would love to know if anyone else has done given something like this before? I am guessing it would be an absolute blast.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some new product.

I have been busy over the weekend making some new items to add to my store, and also for the market this Saturday in Yarraville. I was waiting on some fabric which finally arrived, YAY!!
I have quite a lot of new things so I look forward to uploading them one by one. I love brand new prints and new colours, it's the sign of a new season, and I think my below selections are so summery. My target is to have everything ready by October & I think I am going to do it.
Below are some new bibs which are 'circus' inspired dots and animals, and some burp cloths to match.

I will also be adding a couple of new products so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A question?

Wow September has been out of control for me, and this last week has been a shocker.
No beautiful craft images today, just a question to my fellow mum bloggers.
OK my question?
Being a first time mother of my angel Hudson, is it normal to catch their colds so frequently? I tell you what my days before Hudson, I prided myself on my fitness, and how I NEVER got a cold. I always managed to miss the colds & sniffles even though I worked in an office environment. This winter my goodness me. Hudson has had had a couple of sniffles, & I got them too, but this last one he got has hit me a beauty. I have got as well as my husband. I feel like we completely share EVERYTHING!!
It's driving me mad and also makes a very hectic and lethargic household. I am just starting to feel the fog lift, after 4-5 days of feeling so under the weather.
Somebody please tell me now spring is here it will be all sunshine and blue skies!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My WishList Wednesday Has Finally Come True

I have been wishing for a new computer for so long it's ridiculous, actually painful. I have been using a lap top for the last 3yrs and it drives me nuts. For those who know and have read before, I love to draw, Adobe Illustrator is my passion, but always found it challenging as depending on the angle of the screen it altered my colours. Recently I have been doing a lot of freelance illustration work, which is great, (which has my craft/sewing has suffering boo hoo...) So I decided to take the punt and upgrade, and this is the result. I don't understand all of the techno computer specifications of it, all I care to know is that it's now has a super fast hard drive with a glossy 19" flat desk top screen.
Ah Bliss......

I guess wish enough, sometimes and it will come true!

I hope your wishes came today.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting Art with Hudson

OK a new week, and a week where I thought it's time to get some colour in Hudson's hand. I mean I love to draw, why shouldn't he??
So I decided to give Hudson some of my pencils, not my super good Derwent kind, but some that good but I won't be heart broken over if a lead was smashed. I thought I'll see how these go and then invest in some jumbo crayons just for him. So I had his table and chair ready, some paper, a red, orange and blue pencil. I sat with him initially & drew shapes, patterns, told him the colours of they rainbow and so on, not that he seemed to interested. I had to get up for a minute and this is what I came back to, believe me I was gone just a few minutes.
Yep the paper was gone, clearly the table was more interesting to draw on, and obviously the pen looked tasty. My boy became blue!!! It's amazing what can happen within a couple of minutes, thank god he didn't find the walls THIS TIME!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Blue Fab Friday Finds

Blue is one of my favourite colours for baby boys and girls. My favourite shade is aqua,and you can never beat good ol' classic navy. My fab designer crafters today are again from Australia.

1. Blue elephant bottle cap pendant from whatyoumacallits
2.Personalised pillow case from BonTons
3. Dolly infant hair clips in blue and latte by PleaseEloise
4.Bridie the Sleepy Baby Doll for girls or boys by HelloDollies
5. Singlet with Caterpillar design by AngelLeaDesigns
6. Maddi the plush vintage chenille elephant by Leahkl
Again, remember to applaud this talent and have a great Friday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the weekend just went......

My weekend was a blur.....
It started with the very sad new my Uncle Bill passed away Friday afternoon with a long battle with cancer. It had been and awful experience for my cousins, the pain and heartache they have experience I could never imagine. He is free from pain now and in a peaceful place now.
R.I.P uncle Bill.
Saturday I had the Yarraville Market which I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn't even take my camera, damn it, so I can post any photo's of the day. So instead I will show these 3 ladies fabulous work.

I sat opposite Susannah from Susannah Tucker, and look at her stunning photography all day.
I also caught up with Dana from Twiglet.
Finally, I got to meet the very lovely Katrina from Idtee.
All of the stall holders were great as were their products, & I look forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully in October.
A very happy and belated father's day to all of those wonderful dad's and husbands in our lives. I hope you all had a spacial day with your families, and most importantly got some great goodies.
What a weekend and now it's Tuesday night....Time flies

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fab Friday Features Baby Dusters

All of my fab Friday finds today are from members of the DUST team that deliver the most gorgeous baby finds going around. I am sure you will all feel the same after taking a look?
If you love something say so and post it, let these designers/artist hear your compliment.

1. allysannekidstuff

2. almondtreeframes

3. NeverEver

4. coloursoflukes

5. kazzablue

6. vanillapixie

7. MyVeryButton

8. NeverEver

9. savannahroom

Have a great Friday and weekend, Kylie

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Parcel From Pepperberry and Co

Last week I bought the cutest little ballerina purse from Sandra designer and creator of Pepperberry. Well it arrived today & I could not be more thrilled. My current purse has had a much needed card clean out, and instead of being discarded they now have a new home. Also a great idea to keep my business cards on hand too. How cute is it? She has some other stunning finds in her shop so venture across as I am sure you will find something you just have to have.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I received my set from 'Lillyella'

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had won a beautiful necklace and earring set from Lillyella.
It was a name game & everyone had the opportunity to pick a name you thought would be suitable for her new design. I picked the winning name "Vintage Bloom" , & couldn't believe I won. Yesterday I received the set I had won in the silver and burgundy colour combination I selected.
It's even more beautiful than I already thought. I am so thrilled.

Thanks again Nicole

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yarraville Market Saturday 5th September

I am trying a new market this Saturday, Yarraville Market. I am looking forward to it as I have had good reports from it. I am taking a real punt here as I am attending without even going to it beforehand to check it out. My main reason is, is that I usually attend Sisters Market, but I need a change.
As you can imagine, like many of us who attend markets, I am rushing madly trying to get organised. This to do and cross off my check list start with;
1. Cut out iron on transfers, old ones and newbies.
2. Print new swing tickets.
3. Stock up on business cards.
4. Finish making some of my new spring items.
5. Put magnets on bookmarks.
6. Update stock taken list.
7. Double check EVERYTHING!!
8. Put on a happy face & enjoy myself.
I hope whoever lives on that side of town comes along, and don't forget to come by and say hello. Hope to see you there :)