Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting Art with Hudson

OK a new week, and a week where I thought it's time to get some colour in Hudson's hand. I mean I love to draw, why shouldn't he??
So I decided to give Hudson some of my pencils, not my super good Derwent kind, but some that good but I won't be heart broken over if a lead was smashed. I thought I'll see how these go and then invest in some jumbo crayons just for him. So I had his table and chair ready, some paper, a red, orange and blue pencil. I sat with him initially & drew shapes, patterns, told him the colours of they rainbow and so on, not that he seemed to interested. I had to get up for a minute and this is what I came back to, believe me I was gone just a few minutes.
Yep the paper was gone, clearly the table was more interesting to draw on, and obviously the pen looked tasty. My boy became blue!!! It's amazing what can happen within a couple of minutes, thank god he didn't find the walls THIS TIME!!


Squirt Baby said...

Paper is so boring - it's much more fun to draw on hands, faces, furniture, walls, the brand new couch... Cute pic!


incalesco said...

Haha, funny how paper always seems such a nuisance to the littlies, there are so many much better surfaces for their art... Themselves and their clothes being a firm favourite! Oh well, looks like he enjoyed himself.

mary grace jewellery said...

I bet you can't wait to start him on paint!

Sandrine said...

Funny, I remember some crazy times trying to clean off markers marks on our walls...Thanks goodness they stop when they grow up;))