Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabr Friday Finds a Soft Touch

Feel like snuggling, or giving something to someone else to cuddle,why not consider these?

1. Bamboo crochet monkey by twinklekids2

2. Sail away boats by flyingstartoys

3. Dirac the Dinosaur by redmag

4. Little bunny by littlejellygnite

5.The Snigglebottom family by littledivacrafts

6. Soft Giraffe by allanaC


Ali said...

what a snuggly list Kylie! I love those funny snigglebottoms! Thanks for including my shy little bunny! :)

NINA said...

so cute!
love the little boats and the dinosaur!

Florence Forrest said...

Lovely Kylie :) It is alway nice to have something snuggly to play with. Thanks for noticing my boats.

Sandrine said...

very cute ;)