Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My WishList Wednesday Has Finally Come True

I have been wishing for a new computer for so long it's ridiculous, actually painful. I have been using a lap top for the last 3yrs and it drives me nuts. For those who know and have read before, I love to draw, Adobe Illustrator is my passion, but always found it challenging as depending on the angle of the screen it altered my colours. Recently I have been doing a lot of freelance illustration work, which is great, (which has my craft/sewing has suffering boo hoo...) So I decided to take the punt and upgrade, and this is the result. I don't understand all of the techno computer specifications of it, all I care to know is that it's now has a super fast hard drive with a glossy 19" flat desk top screen.
Ah Bliss......

I guess wish enough, sometimes and it will come true!

I hope your wishes came today.

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Little Eve said...

Congratulations on the new computer which is very swish looking. Have fun!