Thursday, September 24, 2009

A question?

Wow September has been out of control for me, and this last week has been a shocker.
No beautiful craft images today, just a question to my fellow mum bloggers.
OK my question?
Being a first time mother of my angel Hudson, is it normal to catch their colds so frequently? I tell you what my days before Hudson, I prided myself on my fitness, and how I NEVER got a cold. I always managed to miss the colds & sniffles even though I worked in an office environment. This winter my goodness me. Hudson has had had a couple of sniffles, & I got them too, but this last one he got has hit me a beauty. I have got as well as my husband. I feel like we completely share EVERYTHING!!
It's driving me mad and also makes a very hectic and lethargic household. I am just starting to feel the fog lift, after 4-5 days of feeling so under the weather.
Somebody please tell me now spring is here it will be all sunshine and blue skies!!


Sunweeds Secret Garden said...

I don't think this is a mother baby thing, with 3 children I still can avoid whatever they have occasionally. You must be run down or lacking something... sleep? maybe some vitamins might help the biggest thing I think spreads things around is fingernails, I keep all ours short and scrubbed clean. I know long ones look nice but have so many germs under them.

Squirt Baby said...

Oh yeah, germ sharing! Before kids I worked in education and had a cast iron constitution! Even Saturday mornings in my Dad's pharmacy didn't pose a problem. Now we have four children. We don't catch everything on offer, but the health nurse said it was usual, during the winter period, for children to have a new cold, on average, every three weeks. Particularly for children with older siblings at school & kinder.

We still don't get enough sleep, or look after ourselves properly, so we are perhaps more susceptible to what's going around. Take care, don't be superwoman and go easy on yourself!

Please Eloise said...

Oh, I feel your pain! We have shared sickness after sickness this year, and I think I'm feeling another cold coming on. I keep hearing that this is normal, and things should improve a little in summer. Fingers crossed for both of us!
Kate xx