Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Woopsy Wednesday

I am having major issues with Hudson & eating at the moment. I used to pride myself on how well he ate, as it's completely home made, & then something has changed. he refused everything I put in front of his lips. I eventually worked out it was an Independence thing he wants to feed himself. I am all for that, I love it actually BUT......He will only use his fingers. I mean hey, he is only just turned 12 months I wasn't expecting him to use a spoon. But the whole smearing process over the high chair, the squishing in his hands and between his fingers, not to mention his spontaneous decisions to throw it have me freaking out!
The mess is unbelievable, check this photo out.

I had to turn this frustration into creativity so I have created a few smock bibs. The one Hudson is wearing was given to me and is plain awful to be honest. And more importantly with this action going on we need more than one. So I made this oneTrying to get him to pose FORGET IT!!
Above and below is my red and aqua squirrel design

And one for the girls of course. I would some opinions on what you think before I dive too deep into making these as they are quite fiddly as I have lined the front with towelling. I know I will need several of these regardless to combat eating time, the joys!!


incalesco said...

Ah yes, we know this phase all too well, smock bibs are an absolute must! They look great.

Camille Petrocelli said...

Necessity is the mother of invention!
Love the smock bibs.
This is a short lived stage...
I am the mother of 6, grandma to 10!
Keep saying, This too shall pass" and beleive me, it does!
Have fun!

Nikki @ My Black Cardigan said...

I laughed a lot as I read your post... with you, not at you! I have twins who turned 1 last month and they are doing just what Hudson is. So either we have 3 normal kids or karma has caught up with us!! (let's go with the normal theory).

Your smock bibs are gorgeous and a fabulous idea.