Monday, June 29, 2009

Tutorial - Traffic Jam Pillow Case

I have been meaning to make many things for Hudson as well as myself. Time just gets away......
I started a pillow case today & I finished it, it's so satisfying when something is complete. This as well took a whole 30mins, can you believe it's taken weeks for me to complete though!!
I had some Michael Miller fabric called Traffic Jam which most of us, I am assuming have seem. I bought enough to make a pillow case for Hudson's throw cushion.

Materials needed;
1. Fabric - 110cm wide (43 1/4inch) x 48cm (19inch), basically it is 2 fat quarters.
2. Pillow 41cm (16inch) x 41cm (16inch). Purchased from spotlight.
3. Sewing machine & overlocker

From the selvage edge I have folded down 14cm and pressed.
I have used the selvage as a hem, you don't have to do this you can fold it over and machine.
The creates the flap in which your pillow will sit under.

Machine down both edges of the flap about 5mm (1/4inch) in from
raw edges of fabric. This will hold the flap in place for the next step.
Once you have stitched them down make sure you are happy with it. Pop you pillow underneath and check it out.
We are half way there!!
At the other end of the fabric fold the selvage over 1cm, press then stitch making a neat hem. Of course if you edge is raw create a double folded hem, or overlock then stitch.
Fold the fabric in half with right sides together with top edge meeting. Machine down both sides 1cm (approx 1/2 inch) in from raw edge.
Finish raw edges with your overlocker.
At top edges to neaten. It isn't necessary it just tidies think up I believe.Fold the overlocked edges toward the flap and hold.
Now turn the fabric right side up, place under foot of machine & topstitch down 14cm whic is the length of the flap. Don't forget to back tack.
Fold into correct way, give a good press pop in your pillow.
MMMMM Looking comfy.
Now give to customer for test drive.
I think he's happy.


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SewHum said...

Thanks for the tute! The customer does seem pleased!!!