Friday, June 12, 2009

Flat out Friday

had to go car shopping today which was a very exciting. I had the get my dad to come along to watch Hudson, as I obviously can't take him 'test driving'. So I have narrowed 2 cars down. It's between the Mazda 6 wagon or Peugeot 308 touring wagon. I desperately want to Peugeot as it's not too big or too small, stylish, french, has a really cool dash board as it's kind of retro, and in my eyes slick all over. Daniel is hoping to do a deal, can everyone cross their fingers for me.

I am nearly ready for tomorrow at Sisters Market I feel like I haven't stopped. I have been finalising the last few things and I am nearly done. All I have to do is;
1. Organise my gift bags - Put business cards inside, Mathilda's market flyer as I am attending next week, and of course some incentive vouchers to entice buyers to return.
2. Add some press studs to a couple of bibs.
3. Pack the car
4. Relax and finish with a glass of red wine.

I have started my display for tomorrow & it's coming along OK. I don't know about you but I will organise it tonight & change it by tomorrow. I have changed it around & decided to hang my stock instead of presenting it on the trestle's as I have built up quite a bit over the last few months.

My iron on transfers, bookmarks and 'Baby To Go" gift boxes.

My rack or product which is basically a lot of items in my etsy store, and a few other items.

I still have to find a few props I think, but then sometimes keeping it simple works well too.

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Nice and bright and colourful. I hope it went really well today.