Monday, June 15, 2009

Mundane Monday

I feel a little sleepy today, and my mood is mundane.
I don't know why, Hudson and I went for a lovely walk in the winter sunshine?
When I am sleepy I tend to draw, I guess for me it's a zone out time where I can let go with colours and ideas and don't have to think too much. This is what I came up and I am happy with it so I have placed it into some bookmarks and I have called it "Flamingo Fever".
Now I just have to upload it to Etsy

Maybe after dinner :)


Nikki @ My Black Cardigan said...

Maybe your mood is a way of allowing your body to slow down and rest after the busy market and preparations beforehand. And look at what being sleepy allowed you to create... they are great. The black with flowers is my favourite.

Finki (jay) said...

oooh, the flamingo's look fabulous.