Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Easter garland for the kids to colour in.

My kids are on school holidays, so I have set up a few Easter activities for them to leading up to the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

I drew up some Easter Eggs & printed them on some card & ask them to colour them in. Not only did they really enjoy it, it kept them quite so I could do a little bit of housework.
So I thought if it kept my 2 amused it should very well work on some other kiddy winks.

So here it is;

How to make
1. Print off your eggs on some card stock or heavy white paper.
2. Let the kids get creative with decorating them with textas, pencils, crayons, paint, whatever they love.
3. Cut out each beautiful egg with some scissors.
4. Make a hole at the top of each egg with a hole punch. A pen works just as well if you poke it through gentle.
5. Get some bakers twine, string, ribbon, cotton thread whatever you have floating around to hang it & make it come alive.
6. Make sure you leave a 15-20cm extension at each end so you can hang it. 
7. Tie you first egg with a gentle double knot, so it's secure. If you don't the egg will move around. I suggest a gentle knot so you don't rip the hole, & it also hangs much more nicely.
8. I had a distance of about 12cm between my eggs, (this distance is entirely up to you), so then string your next egg & make a gentle double knot again. Repeat the process.
9. The string length I used was 1.2mts giving me plenty of room to hang nicely.
10. Find somewhere to hang your Easter Egg garland & enjoy.

Have fun.

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