Friday, April 11, 2014

Deal of the week - photo heat bag for mum.

Brand new to Tiges and Weince is DEAL OF THE WEEK.

This weeks deal is one for mum or nanna. A treasured personalised heat bag with 4 of your most treasured photos printed on it. Filled with rice & organic grown lavender. Smells superb.
Only 20 available or until sold out

Please keep in touch as each week I will be offering a pretty damn good deal that you would not be able to receive normally. It will be a great saving of any of my products chosen.
It will only last for the week, or until sold out. There will only be a selected number of deals offered, when those have been purchased the deal finishes. A new deal will be launched every Friday morning & will finish the following Thursday at midnight.

Have a great weekend

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