Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exciting additions to my business

I am really excited at the moment as I have made some new decisions with regards to my business. I am expanding a few new areas & also removing some. I have been feeling a bit like I had hit a creative wall for the last couple of months. Not fun. It wasn't anything specific, I love what I do, but being a creative person I was craving for something new to reignite that love & passion, searching for a spark. Those like minded souls will know exactly what I mean, when there is a calling you just have to go with it.

It was as simple as getting back to my roots. No not just drawing, but my love of design in the pattern sense, & sewing. It's been a LONG time since I have drafted a pattern & made something. Did you know I studied fashion design? I have a huge education in pattern making, not just at college but on the job. While on the job I also had further learning, I was sent to a private tutor, who was this incredible woman with an Italian heritage. She taught me to draft European style!!!!! With square rulers, in European sizing & methods that were never taught to me at school, it was so incredible & amazing. I was really good at one stage & I could literally measure you, take down those numbers & draft something pretty much made to measure. A skill I am eternally grateful for.

I haven't done any pattern making for a while but I ave this itchy feeling to go back. I want to go back to clothing a little, & also create patterns that are useful, like decor items. It really excites me just thinking about it. I don't have any desires to reinvent the wheel just make practical items. My plan is to put them in to action & offer them to you, so you can create your own unique pieces. With the added bonus of my incredible DTG machine, I will be able to print loads of lovely new designs to hopefully not only make me squeal with excitement but you. I want to design beautiful DIY kits that will be personal & useful for you & your home. I really can not wait, I am working behind the scenes & will be sharing snippets as I go along. Here is the beginning of something new right here.

Here are 2 dresses I made a long time ago when I used to enter bridal wear competitions. I never won, but the excitement & exposure was incredible. Please be forgiving as these designs were created in the late 1990's. I have written in detail about my desires of wanting to be a bridal wear designer here & here if you're interested to know more.

There is another area I am introducing into my business, but I will leave that for another day. All this planning at the moment makes my heart race with absolute excitement & it's the most amazing feeling to have my passion burning pretty high at the moment. I have had these nagging feelings for a while, being a HUGE believe of listening to your instincts, it's time to sit, listen, accept & act on them!!

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