Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FREE chocolate bar download for mum

Mother's day is sneaking around really quickly.

If you like me & you love a piece of chocolate, & can handle some more after Easter, I have 2 free downloads you could use to give to mum on her special day. Ideal for a handmade block of choccie you have created yourself, or a lovely bonus for mum with it accompanied with another gift. Also lovely to place at the table for your special guests.

There are two to choose from, take your pick.

The chocolate wrapper fits a 100gm block.

Simple to use, just print off the image download right here.
I suggest printing on card for its sturdiness.
I used double sided tape to make these. On one edge stick some double sided tape down, & take away tape top layer.
Gentle fold the wrapper around the bar & hold. Place the untaped edge on top of the taped edge & rub your finger securely over it.


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