Friday, May 10, 2013

My newest family member Charlie

I have had a distraction the last 2 days & I am kinda in love.

MEET CHARLIE.....Our newest family member.

He is a Cavoodle, meaning he is half toy poodle & half charles cavalier spaniel. He is actually what is called a 2nd generation, meaning his dad was a pure bred toy poodle & him mum a Cavoodle. There is a  lot of poodle in him making him lovely & curly.

Without realising it, Hudson named him. I asked him what would he call a curly haired little dog, & he said Charlotte, (due to her curls) which was never going to happen, so I thought Charlie would be perfect.

Charlotte loves, loves, loves animals which is the main reason we bought Charlie. She has such a connection with them, & is so naturally calm. It's wonderful to watch really, & adorable to hear her asking her daddy for a puppy.

He has settled in very quickly, & so far has made a huge impact on the whole family. It's been nearly 3yrs since having a dog, & even though I was initially reluctant I am so glad he is here now. He is a tiny little boy & has a very spunky personality from what I can see so far. that cheeky little face just makes me melt, it's too cute for words.

You may be seeing a lot of him in this blog space, & it's going to be a blast sharing him with you.

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LimeDaisy said...

So cute! Can't wait to meet him.x