Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hudson's 5th Birthday Party

Here are a few photos from Hudson's Birthday Party I thought would be great to share.

Here are the photo's of the party table. I am definitely not a birthday party planner, so I grabbed a few ideas online to set this up. I bought the printables from here, as I just didn't have the time to draw them myself, nor did I need to they were perfect. One thing I have learnt about doing these tables, boys don't care, boys didn't even notice, boys only want to run & chase each other. I am kind of wondering to be honest if these elaborate tables are more for the parents creative satisfaction. Lets see when Charlotte starts having her own parties she notices?

The guest of honour, SPIDER MAN, he was just amazing, & I hired him from here. I decided to splash out & hire someone as I was a little unsure how I was going to control & entertain twelve 5yr olds, especially the boys for the whole time. He was incredibly entertaining & literally had them captivated from the moment her arrived. He told them stories about his adventures fighting crime & defeating the green goblin, there was a dance off, & freeze game, face painting, rewards for the kids, & balloons twisting. For this event all the kids were given sword balloons so they could battle it out together on the grass. I have to say it again, he was great.

Here is a rare photo of the 4 of us. Normally I am the one behind the camera taking photos. It was nice how were were all looking in the right direction, regardless of facial expressions.

My little man of the hour. This photo was taken just before Spider Man left, I think by the look on his face the day was a success.

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