Thursday, August 26, 2010

A visit from the fire department

Yesterday was like any ordinary Thursday........
It was quite wet and miserable outside, and when it stopped for a minute, I made the mad dash outside to take some some rubbish out. While walking back to the front door I heard it slam, then I was alarmed at hearing the little sound of the push button that locks our door.
Hudson locked me out of the house today!!
I was having near heart failure. Charlotte was on the floor in the lounge under the play gym, and Hudson was running up and own the hallway with excitement, as mummy was outside knocking and he could see me. I climbed our back fence and the back door was locked as well. So I went to a neighbours for some help & decided we were just going to break a window. Then it dawned on us shattered glass, a dog, and Hudson being bare footed was not such a good idea. So we called the fire brigade. I felt so silly as I could hear the siren as the truck came, and the lights were flashing.
Anyway..... They where wonderful, 30 seconds later, a broken lock and I was in. Throughout this ordeal I could hear Charlotte crying so I was very relieved to get to her. Hudson was still running with excitement now the truck was outside, so in his little mind this was an awesome experience. As for me, I have now decided to keep a spare key outside somewhere in a hidey hole.


Lulu froufrou said...

Oh you poor thing - this has happened to me a few times (once in my pajamas) I have keep a key hidden outside ever since :)

JANE said...

Oh, Kylie, the horror! I felt your pain as I read that. What an ordeal! So pleased it worked out okay. You've reminded me that I have to get a spare key cut tomorrow to avoid something equally so horrible. That said, my two older ones are able to hop on a chair and undo the deadlock. But if we were all on the other side of the door when it locked, then that would be, well, problematic! J x