Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charlotte's Christening

Wow it's nearly that time again, a christening, this time my beautiful daughters.
It's not far away, I have booked it for September 19th.
This time round I am being a little on the lazy side, I have pretty much hired and bought everything. For Hudson's christening I hosted it at home with a full meal, and made 50 cupcakes and toppers, it was exhausting.
This time I have a check list & it's nearly completed already...Phew....
Invite - Done. Well I had to create these myself.
Venue - Sorted. At my friends boyfriends pub, Salty Dog, I have rented the area for the afternoon before the Sunday session opens.
Godparents - Done. My longest & dearest friend Belinda and her partner Phil.
Food - Catered for. I am taking a couple of sweet slices.
Cake - I am buying cupcakes from Sophisticakes I will keep you posted on what I decide there.
Decorations - I still need to get on to that.
Charlotte's outfit - I HAVE NO IDEA...Any suggestions??
Mine, Daniel's or Hudson's outfit for the day - Not even close...

I think most things are done, I think.....

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