Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday at Modish Market

Yesterday I was at Modish Market.
I always enjoy myself maybe I am biased who knows.
Numbers were up, traffic flowed continuously throughout the day, and as always some stallholders had some great sales, and some were more quite. I was average, I'll be honest, but that's OK, having your brand out there even when people just browse it a great marketing exercise, you never know how your next sale may come.
The first photo below is of my one stall neighbours for the day. The lovely Lou, who also runs the Yarraville Market (which is next Saturday), and her brand is Totally Innocent.
I love Lou's work, she is one talented girl, also great to chat non stop with.
My other stall neighbours were my cousins Kelly and Tania, and their brand Cool Kids Creations. They create beautifully crafted kids jewellery, fully of glorious charms, vivid beads, loads of colour, and their quality is superb.
The last pic is from Fantastica, they were very popular on the day.
They weren't a stall neighbour, but I had to write about them.
The create perfectly round balls of cake, which are rolled in Chocolate, and popped on a stick, a perfect lolly pop change for Hudson. He absolutely demolished it.
The look of enjoyment in his eyes was intense and full of enjoyment. Great birthday idea too.

I also got to meet the very lovely Karen and Samara from the new baby and kids market, "Monkey Market"which is being launched on September 26th. They are just great & I am really looking forward to having a stall with them on the day, I know it will be a great event. If you are interested in applying you can contact them at for more details.

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