Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Indian Inspiration

I have fallen head over heels with all things that remind me of American Indians. It's such a cool theme. I have to firstly admit it's all a visual love, & that I have no knowledge of American Indian history.

I love the idea of living in a teepee, although it probably wasn't very luxurious at all. Mmmmm dirt ground, no thanks! But how cool are they as an inside tent, it really make the regular concept of cubby house really boring.
The super large feathers on the headdress are absolutely breath taking. The colours on the tips, the workmanship, the tribal symbols are just amazing & inspiring.
Now bows an arrows I am not a huge fan for the obvious reason, but they are divine. So earthy, natural, & fierce, I love the made by hand quality in every piece.
The dream catcher I found here isn't very traditional, but thats OK, it is however absolutely stunning. Such an ancient & traditional tool created into a beautifully crafted piece with a vintage feel.
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With the above inspiration I have created my own "Little Indian" pieces, which are in my own bold style, bright & will be perfect for boys bedrooms. I opted against a natural colour palette & used what feels safe & bright for me. I would almost consider them muted brights. I love turquoise & grey together with he pops of re & olive, ideal for a little indians bedroom.

Above is the hero piece which has been created into several other bedroom decor pieces which I look forward to sharing soon.

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