Friday, June 20, 2014

A dance bag for Charlotte

Charlotte has become quite fond of her dancing, far more than I could ever imagined. I have been lucky to find her a great dance school & a supportive teaching environment. She has some lovely new friends, & has found some great role models she admires, & tells me all the time she will dance like the big girls one day. So as long as she enjoys it I will do what I have to do to give her the best opportunity. Who knows she may not want to do it anymore in a few years, but I am not holding my breathe.

Every week at dancing her ballet, jazz & tap shoes end up all over the place. Drives me batty, as I can never find one of them. So today I fixed that issue & made a "dance shoe bag" for her. All of them can go in there safe & sound. I based it on the same design as my tooth fairy bags, but it's giant sized!

I based it on the Ballerina print in my shop. On the back I found such a beautiful quote, she won't understand it but I loved it. So tomorrow will be an organised day so when she comes out asking for her next shoes, I will know where they are. A little bit of organisation can make everything so much easier.

Have a lovely weekend.

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