Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pre christmas lovely busyness

I love this time of year, however my ever growing lists just seem to continue.

I feel so lucky that I am so busy, 4 years ago I would never have imagined that my efforts would eventually create this dream job for me. Still being a one woman show, it is becoming more challenging each year, as not only do I have my lovely business, I still am a mum, wife & friend.

Some days I just don't fit it all in. I want to be honest about that, I would never lie & say I can do it all.
I just couldn't do that to myself. So at the moment certain things just have to be attended to when I get to them.

At times my floors can be a little dirty.
The washing basket is getting a little over loaded.
Exercising everyday isn't happening.
Even the extra take out meal has snuck.

Big deal thats life.

On the super dooper plus side;
The kids have loads of Christmas parties coming up.

Our weekends are very full between now & Christmas. We're so lucky to have friends who want to spend time with us.

Charlotte has her first dancing concert in early December. So yes I am not a dance mum. below is the evidence, of the blank costumes waiting to be beaded.

Hudson is finishing 4 year old kinder & starting school next year. His end of year concert is approaching, as will his break up party. Kinda feeling sad but so proud.

Sundays are full with Hudson taking up Milo Cricket, he is loving every moment, & also the sausage sizzles afterwards.

I am having a really successful Christmas season, lots of orders & lots of fantastic personalised gifts going to everyone.

In the future;
I am not getting ahead of myself yet, but I have some great plans for next year. I have completed several e-courses, & the only way for me to benefit from those is to put the new skills learnt into action. I get so excited just thinking about it. When the Christmas frenzy has slowed down, my little book of notes & ideas will be opened. I am thinking of going on a little business date with it,  & sitting quietly with a lovely coffee & slowly plan my next year ahead.

One negative;
This damn cough or whatever it was that knocked me about last week it trying to rear it's ugly head. I am battling with it, lots of vitamin C & vitamins to ward it off. I just don't want it!

It's all good, life is great.

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