Thursday, November 7, 2013

Making something memorable

Ooooh how I love a wedding, I haven't been to many unfortunately some of my closets friends still aren't married, (no pressure B). As much as I would want to cherish their celebration with all of my heart, I just want a reason to put my best dress on & dancing shoes & celebrate the day & night away.

One of my gorgeous neighbours Cleo, celebrated her daughters (Daphey) wedding on the 26th October. Can you believe I missed her leaving.....bummer...I had Charlotte's dance rehearsal. 

Anyway, she popped over the other day wondering if I could make a cushion for her to celebrate her wedding date in a similar design of their wedding invite. What a beautiful idea!! She wanted to give it to her as a gift, & leave it on her brand new couch for when they arrive home from their Maldives honeymoon. 

How could I say no, here it is.
I gave it to her this afternoon & all I can say is that she was beyond thrilled & couldn't wait to give it to her. Not only that she was telling me how many other people she knows who who also cherish something like this & I should consider designing a celebration range. Oh wow I never thought of anything like that before, & what makes it worse ideas are running through my head  at a million miles an hour. 

Time to get those ideas on paper & tackle them in the new year, I just need to get through the rush of Christmas.

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