Sunday, November 24, 2013

Free TO DO LIST Christmas download

Hello lovelies, is that clock ticking louder & louder as we get closer to Christmas? 
I hope you are not racing around too much & still getting a chance to look after yourself.
How are you keeping organised? I am a BIG list keeper, & still a strong devotee to the traditional diary. I know its very handy to pop every task into your phone, & I adore the charm that dings reminding me of whats to be done. But I have to admit I forget a lot when it's packed away in there. Where as my diary, it's all there on an open page, lists hand written & a highlighter always so close to mark those babies off!
Around Christmas time I love a separate list, so it doesn't get confused with my every day & work tasks. Jotting down the gifts to give, from family to friends, to teachers doesn't seem as daunting. The food I need prepare & take to pre Christmas "catch up" parties, or my list of things to take on the big day itself. I always feel better when it's written down. Can I be honest? It reduces my feeling of being overwhelmed & keeps me calm & happy which is always such a priority. 

If you're need a special Christmas list, I have created one especially for you. I have used it myself this year so far. It's been a handy little printable to keep me organised. I have a couple stapled together so there is no chance of losing anything. If you think this could be of use, please feel free to download it for yourself. 

Just click on the link & enjoy that sweet feeling of organisation!

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