Friday, September 20, 2013

The idea of an alternate lifestyle

I live in Melbourne & I wouldn't call myself a hard core city girl, but I do love being in the metropolitan area. Before kids I dreamed of living walking distance to all of the very cool hang outs of Melbourne. Nothing excited me more knowing I could walk to the closest pub for Sunday drinks at the beer gardens, or to the hip restaurants. unfortunately my budget never allowed that lifestyle, so I lived about 20mins out & public transport & taxi's were used.

I find myself very happy in the burbs. I live in a great estate, I am very close to what's important to me & my family, & thats all that matters. I do find myself some days thinking about moving out further to suburbs with larger blocks of land, with more tree, a fairly super semi rural life style. I dream of sitting out on a big timber deck, working in the sun, having a hammock to relax in, swimming in my pool, pottering in the garden, & my neighbours fence being in the far distance.

What a cute little house & so much space - source

Hammock heaven - source unknown.

Just a bit of privacy would be great. I am not talking acres & acres or a farm, just an acre maybe two. Enough room to even have some chickens, how lovely that would be to have really fresh eggs? A huge veggie patch would be nice to.

I think about the space for the kids. They can't ride their bikes outside like I did growing up, too many cars & too much dangers. To kick & throw a ball with all their might without it going over the fence. Sprinting with the dog until they run out of breath & without backyard obstacles to consider.

Sounds good doesn't it. I honestly think about it all the time. But there is always an element of doubt & fear in my mind.


I just can't work it out at the moment. It's something I am not actioning any time soon. I wonder if I will get to a point when I consider it seriously & look into it. The thought of that makes me very anxious, but in the same thought so calming.

Who knows??

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