Tuesday, September 17, 2013

feeling rather rejuvenated

I have just come home from my trip to QLD, I had a great time but kind of feeling like I need a holiday from the holiday if you know what I mean. Being on the go every single day is very tiring, especially on the legs, theme parks really take it out of you. However a great feeling, & I have to admit I am glad to be back. There is no place like home.

On a positive note.....I am feeling rather rejuvenated. I tried very hard to not really do a lot of work, except the essentials like answering emails & so forth. It was lovely to just be, & go with the flow. having a break from the structure of life is very healthy.I did get a change to do a little bit of sketching, with is not work to me I really love it. I just love to sit there with my pencil, eraser & black marker. It's a form of freedom to just start & see where it ends up. With the beautiful warmth of the sun, I was inspired to draw this.

I am looking forward to adding some colour when I get a chance.

So now that I am back I am feeling the inspiration I crave in my belly. The last couple of  months that feeling just wasn't there. I think it was just being emotionally tired & in need of a break. We are all human & can only push ourselves so much.

I have a lot to do with Xmas pending. My Christmas range is ready to release...YAY!! I have pretty much finished my website, & need to get that baby live....EXCITING!! I start the next instalment of Lilla Rogers MATS course in October, which I am feeling anxious about. On top of that I have some new ideas floating around I would like to action.

Stay tuned....

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