Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing with water colour

Time to get my watercolours out & have some fun. I have never taken a class, I just haven't had time to squeeze it in, apparently these things happen when both kids are at school!
Experimenting is my only way to play, & I look at other accomplished artist's work, & look on you tube for technical inspiration.

I decided to have a go at painting some hand drawn lettering.

The initial sketch was the easy part.

Then I tackled the back ground. I got all of the colour on there. getting into tight spaces prove to be more difficult that I thought.

Adding some colour was so much fun & it started to become something.

Getting there.

Done! I added some white dots in acrylic to lift areas of it. I actually wanted to outline some of the letters in while, but my brush was a little large & too soft. I will need to speak to my art supplies about that as I am not sure how to tackle it. I also feel I need to work on my background. It looks a bit blotchy & uneven. I am not sure why, but no doubt it's all technique based. 

Regardless I found the whole creative task really calming.

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