Friday, September 27, 2013

Rediscovering Hand Lettering Typography

I was asked a couple of days ago did I draw a lot at school. The answer was not a great deal. I did a little graphics in high school, which was quite architect & technical based & was completely hand draw. Nothing truly inspiring. My parents I have mentioned before, were far from artistic so it was never encouraged.

Talking about this with a friend actually brought back some memories which I had completely forgotten about. In primary school I was very into decorating my school books, like most if us. One thing that came as clear as day was the joy I had with creating letters by hand. I loved creating my name in hand drawn fonts. When we had assignments the heading was always drawn like bubbles, or straight & square. Inside the letters were always patterns. I always drew spot, stripes, birds, flowers, hearts & stars around the letters. The I loved to create borders. I am finding it quite interesting how I had somehow forgotten my joy for this, I think it's because when I did start drawing seriously again it was all clothes due to my job, & now children's icons. 

Obviously my subconscious knew how much I enjoyed it due to the current pieces I have created quite recently here, here, here & here. I have been quite drawn to it lately, even a little obsessed, it's all about finding my unique style which I have been woking so hard, & I am really enjoying it. 

Again I find myself doodling away & have come up with these two in the last 48hours. They still need to be coloured, & I can see a lot of work has to be done. 

And this one...

It's been a lot of fund incorporating the letters with my own style. 

Lets see where it will go, I love the whole unknown part of this process.

Have a great Friday xx

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