Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trust yourself - MATS week 4

Last week I was diving into the week 4 assignment for my MATS course, which unfortunately is nearly over. You can see here how I got the golden opportunity to paint & collage. I will be honest I haven NEVR really done any work like this before, but have never enjoyed something so much. It was such a wonderful experience to use a real medium, watch it change & develop, see what happens when I mix, & create some texture, it was so gloopy & lovely. It's definitely something I think I would like to continue doing, but need some child free time to practise, as I have a blond curly friend (Charlotte), who nearly explodes with excitement when she sees any of my paints.

So here is my final piece, called "Trust Yourself".
For a first timer I am quite happy with it. I know it's not brilliant, I only need to compare it to some of the fellow artists completing the course, but it's the best I could do. I was so nervous submitting it, as I started comparing it to everyone else's work. The feeling can be quite deflating, but I soldiered on & feel proud that I completed it. Onwards & upwards, I can only improve!

I have some photos of my work in progress, which don't look as clear & bright as the above scanned piece, but its gives you an idea of how I went about & blindly got through it.

Despite all the nerves & apprehension I would not give up the fun & experience I gained from creating this piece.

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Anonymous said...

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