Friday, July 19, 2013

Buy 1 print get 1 FREE

Tonight I am sending out my next newsletter.

My newsletter has been on my must improve on list. Lately I have been so busy with working on my art folio, & making orders, I don't always get to send my newsletter out, or play & promote on social media as much as I would like.

It's easy to forget about it when you are busy with your business & life. So I am working REALLY hard on my newsletter at the moment to make it far more interesting than it has been in the past. I want to make it interesting, colourful, informative, & of course an opportunity to offer my subscribed readers some freebies & exclusive sales & offers.

I have been doing some research & reading a lot about the importance of a newsletter & have learnt the following tips that really sang true to me.
My newsletter is a collective group of willing subscribed readers. 
They are current and past customers.
They are interested in my work & what I am doing! Or they would not have subscribed.
My very own captive audience, where I can let everyone know about what I am working on.

That was such great advise, because like so many people I always get worried about bothering people. I would hate to be annoying anybody & have always been conscious about the frequency of my newsletters. Are they too long? Too frequent? Boring? Do i promote enough? Not enough? What do my subscribers want? As it is our inbox is loaded with subscribed mail, so I am working hard on making it irresistibly interesting!!

In this newsletter I am offering a special on my prints....a buy one get one free sale for 24hrs only. BUT you must be signed up to receive the special coupon code.

Not only is it a great saving but you will the first to see my brand new prints I have release. Here is a sneak preview of one.

If you haven't signed up you can do so here. .
Also don't forget to confirm your email.

Have a great weekend.

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