Friday, February 1, 2013

Creating tiny artwork for new necklaces coming soon!

I am still working away on my newest collection for Quirky and Quaint, which is due out March 1st.
I am having a new product made which will be converted into glass magnets & also necklaces for both BOYS and girls. I am really looking forward to have these complete. I have someone making them for me, and she does a brilliant job & I feel lucky to be putting our resources together.

I had to create a collage of designs 2.5cm in size for her so she could print them off, cut up and stick them perfectly to glass. They will be then created in to magnets so they can be inter changed into pendants. I will be sure to be clearer when I actually have images.

I have decided on square for the boys that will sit on gun metal grey pendants and chain.
For the girls I want round pendants and bright silver.

It was hard to select what I will use for boys as they are challenging at the best of times. I cant make them too cute, or use anything licensed. I dont feel like having the pants sued off me! All of the images are mine & have been rehashed to accomodate a tiny 2.5cm square.

Here are the designs I will be using for the boys.

Here are the round girls designs, I have to admite they are so much easier to design for. I think the colours will be great on bright silver hard wear.

 To be honest I am loving them so much I will most likely sell them via my Tiges and Weince shop!
I am having a sample made over the weekend so stay tuned for a few photos.

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