Friday, February 22, 2013

A special order quilt

Eeeeek my busy life again has come between myself and the blog AGAIN(which I hate).
I need to share something absolutely beautiful with you today.

I have a couple of images of a special order quilt I did for a lovely customer, Dimity. Her daughter Sienna was born premature & is still in NCIU, but the good news she is getting stronger.

This was her very special message to me .

Thank you soooo very much for the AMAZING quilt you made for our tiny princess in ICN / NICU.. It's just absolutely adorable!! Our 22month old daughter Mia, thought it was so pretty,, she wanted to keep it:) so it's definately a hit!
Sienna had heart surgery yesterday and is on a special theatre cot bed under special lights, and with loads of support / tubes attached.. So I haven't been able to place it with her.. But as soon as she is well enough to be transferred back into the humidy crib, I will take a picture of it for you.
Kindest regards and loads of loving thanks
Dimity x

I love what I do & makes every hour I spend worth it.

Here are some images of the quilt sent by Dimity, and how it is being used currently in NCIU.
My heart fills with warmth look at them.

A great way to end my week.
bring on the weekend. I hope its fabulous for you.

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