Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Designs

After weeks of work its time to start loading some new products to my stores. I love this part, taking photos and the editing. I make no claim at being a great photographer or editor, AT ALL. What I have learnt is like so much of my artwork back ground is, "trial, error and determation". 
Thats it, oh and did I mention a few tanty's inbetween especially when I cant get it right haha!

So here we go...

Rainbows Unicorn personalised cushion

Blue Sausage Dog and owl personalised cushion

Elephant and Hot Air balloon - girls

Elephant and Hot Air balloon - boys

Choo Choo Train personalised Cushion

I still have quite a lot of work to post which is coming through slowly.
You can buy any of the designs in my etsy and madeit stores.

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