Friday, October 26, 2012

Where has this obsessive inspiration come from?

I have mentioned before I am a book junkie, & even more now that I can download them to my trusty ipad. I have been feeling a little flat lately, & looking for some new inspiration. It's an awful rut to be in :( I love the search for something new to spark that feeling, it's the best feeling every, when you find something your connect with & it literally makes you jump.

I have found it & I have had such a surge of inspiration the last few days. I want to draw like crazy, I am literally thinking about patterns & colours all the time. It's been a private & fun build up of obsessive inspiration, chattering away to myself, it's all happening in my brain, & no one knew about, until I told you today, haha!!

This is all due to another admired artist of mine is Jessica Swift, I have been following her for a while now, & have always been so inspired with the achievements she has told us via cyber space, like her work & licensing deals (a dream of mine).  I loved her rain boot campaign, it was so cool. Her own patterns on rain boots, how awesome!! You can see them here. When winter hits here again I think I will need to splurge, they even have secret messages in them!

I just read her e-book.....

Its a great read of inspiration & honesty. She literally takes you on a journey from where she started, yep from the sale of her first painting, all the way through her career & awesome licensing deals. She has exhibited at trade shows I dream about like Printsource & Surtex, all because she had the courage to have a go. The hard work, & it's been a lot from what I have read, was so inspiring. I just loved it. There were also lots of other information that was golden for someone like me. 

I could chat about it forever, but I won't as if you need the buzz that I got, you will have to buy it here.

If you read it let me know what you think.

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